Coming to the Flatbed Building in Austin

Warriors © Fran Forman

Warriors copyright Fran Forman

We are so excited to see the upcoming images of both Fran Forman and Josephine Sacabo at the Flatbed Building (where Photo Méthode Gallery is located) during coinciding exhibits occurring September and October 2013.  Fran will be speaking about her work at 5:45pm on October 18, prior to our Closing Reception from 6-8pm showcasing Of Magic and Myth which includes photographer, Tami Bone.  Tami will be giving a talk on September 20, at 5:45 pm before our Grand Opening Reception from 6-8pm.  Josephine Sacabo’s work will be shown within the Flatbed Galleries, look for upcoming information soon at

By coincidence both of these marvelous talents are mentioned recently at  A wonderful place to visit for photographic inspirations.  We are soooo looking forward to the Fall season.  Until then, stay cool and visit your local air conditioned art galleries.

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