May 29 Elements of Camera Flash with Shelley Wood

Permi @ LWR

Permi @ LWR © Shelley Wood

Shelley Wood: Elements of Camera Flash
May 29, 2016/1-4pm
Regular Fee $55
TPS Members $50*for current Texas Photographic Society members
register for Elements of Flash

class is limited to 8 participants

There is still time to sign up! The summer is coming and you too can be prepared to take quality photos of your adventures.

This class focuses on controlling and balancing light from the flash with ambient light. Have you taken a picture of someone appearing to be in a dark cave – but you know the room is much brighter? Learn how to light your subject with the flash, bring up ambient light and light your subject to blur the background. Explore flash settings in the cameras menu and more. A good understanding of all manual exposure elements is important coming into this class. A digital camera with manual exposure controls is required and an external flash is preferred but a built-in camera flash can be used.

Class is held in Photo Méthode Gallery at the Flatbed Building, 2832 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78702.

learn more about supporting Texas Photographic Society at:

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