Live Snakes Opening Reception/Friday-July 15, 6-8pm


Peter Brown Leighton: Live Snakes

July 13-August 26, 2016
opening reception: July 15, 6-8pm

The imaginary vernacular images, taken from the portfolio “Live Snakes” are sourced from bits and pieces of discarded analog photographs acquired over the years from the dust bins of the twentieth century. They form a series of narratives composed of monochrome men fallen from grace, ambivalent women standing on the cusp of empowerment, and feral, free range children born to run.  Peter incorporates themes, introduced in his youth, that have continued to mutate and metastasize over his lifetime. While of the past (spilling over with question marks and exclamation points) they are also of the world as we know it today. A world increasingly more complex, uncertain and absurd than ever.

2832 East Martin Luther King Jr Blvd #107, Austin, TX 78702
Phone: 512.294.9550

Hours During Exhibitions:
Wed-Fri 10am-5pm Saturday noon-5pm
and by appointment

We hope you can join us and Peter Brown Leighton at the opening reception!





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