An Ending and a Beginning

For Photo Méthode Gallery, the past 4 years have been a photographic visual inspiration of collaboration amongst amazing photographers. Offering over 22 exhibits, 4 East Austin Studio Tours, 2 Art Alliance City Wide events, and many more special gatherings such as book signings and educational opportunities – it is time to close the doors at our Martin Luther King location.

Beginning April 2017, Photo Méthode will continue online as a fine art photography consulting and photographic services business managed by Photo Méthode director, Tina Weitz.  Plans include featuring news and topics relative to photographers in fine art today and curating special events.

We give many thanks to you all who have participated, visited and supported us in our photographic vision.





7 Comments on “An Ending and a Beginning

  1. Tina,

    Shelley told me you’re moving. Sad for us, but best wishes for your new adventures. It’s been a pleasure knowing you.


    > >

  2. Tina, I have much appreciation and gratitude for the beautiful art you have presented to our community for many years and for the opportunities you provided for me to show some works of my own. I am sad to see you leave. But at the same time I hope that the move will be pleasing, refreshing, and satisfying. I know you will enjoy the new locale and that they will benefit by your presence.

    Wishing you all the best! Pat

    Sent from my iPad


    • Pat, you are a caliber of artist that I am so grateful to have been able to work with. I will continue to follow and see what you are up to.

  3. WOW. The gallery will be deeply missed. Thank you, Tina, for the years of dedication. Your visionary strength and loving spirit mean so much to me.

    With every good wish, Brenda

    Brenda Ladd Photographer • Educator • Artist


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