Manual Exposure for the Teen Photographer I

4th of July

4th of July © Shelley Wood

Shelley Wood: Manual Exposure for the Teen Photographer I

June 20-June 24, 2016
$170 (includes a $20 fee for supplies)
class is limited to  participants

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Manual Exposure for the Teen Photographer 1

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A great class for you to learn your camera settings language of “manual exposure”.  Students will gain the understanding of the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, light and the relationship between these settings. Learn to command full control of your image capture process – by balancing these elements to open up a new world of fun and creativity. We will explore (through a variety of) assignments and in class practice hands on exercises. Students projects include working to create motion blur and manipulating depth of field. Selected images from each assignment will be reviewed in class and as well as exploring camera menus. The week’s work will culminate into a group reception featuring selected student images at Photo Méthode Gallery. Students may explore the East Side on foot, bus or Metrorail during class shooting exercises.

Supplies and Needs

A digital camera with manual exposure controls is required. All digital image files must be turned in to the instructor by 4pm Thursday via email or on a thumb drive in order to be in the exhibit.

A waiver release will be sent when registering for class and must be signed prior to the first class start day. The release can be brought to the instructor or filled out on the first day of class.

Students must sign them selves in/out each day.

Please provide your child with adequate money each day for mass transportation and/or stop for a snack and beverages.

Class is held offsite and also at Photo Méthode Gallery in the Flatbed Building, 2832 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78702.

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