Dan Burkholder: Texas Revisited

July 16-August 21, 2015
Opening reception: July 17, 6-8pm
Closing reception: August 21, 6-8

On view are Dan Burkholder’s rare handcrafted prints, created in the 1990’s, reflecting the early era of digital imaging. Dan was one of the first innovative photographers producing fine art prints using new technology – combined with classic darkroom. The resulting images are luminescent, perfect for offering reminiscent scenes of a golden Texas era, vast and somehow bigger than life.

Platinum Over Gold Leaf
Burkholder pioneered the platinum over gold leaf photographic technique in 2007. Platinum/palladium is hand-coated on vellum and exposed using a digital negative and developed using classic darkroom methods. Gold leaf is applied to the back of the finished vellum print and coated with archival varnish to create a translucent surface. Select images are printed using platinum/palladium darkroom methods and a mixture of gold leaf and palladium leaf creating a two-tone effect.

Creating the first digital negative in 1992, Dan used an imagesetter located in a San Antonio, Texas, prepress business. This printing industry machine was used to make large negatives for printed material such as books and advertising. Burkholder developed a digital technique that would alter the tones, making a true photographic negative for contact printing. His digital negative allowed photographers to combine the image editing ability of Photoshop with the established archival darkroom methods of classic photography.

Dan Burkholder’s platinum/palladium prints are vanguard prints bridging the worlds of Classic Photography and the Digital Age.




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