Hannah Neal: Left Bank II


Annalise Natasha Gratovich No. 6_web

Annalise Natasha Gratovich No. 6

Hannah Neal: Left Bank

March 16-April 29, 2016
opening reception:  March 18, 6-8pm
closing reception: April 22, 6-8pm

Left Bank is an homage to the Pictorialist and Modernist photographers of the early 20th century whose images and techniques were considered groundbreaking for their time.  A focus through their lenses conveys significant artistic figures of the day, and their work revolutionized the way the world viewed photography.

Like these photographers, I am creating portraits of artists, dancers, writers, musicians and others whose work inspires me.  These images, captured on film, are made using the same lighting techniques, materials and traditional processes employed during that early era. – Hannah Neal

The exhibit includes new works of Hannah’s in-progress series, Left Bank, which is presented as photogravures.  These prints are created using a light-sensitive polymer plate which is exposed to a film positive, etched, inked and hand-pulled on an intaglio press.















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