rfotofolio: INPrint

Rfotofolio: INPrint

March 3-31, 2017

A photograph starts with an idea, a click of the shutter – but the art of the photographer cannot be fully appreciated until it is in our
physical presence.  It is a part of Rfotofolio’s mission to encourage and promote the art of making the photographic print.
Rfotofolio and Photo Méthode Gallery are pleased to announce March 2017 we will be exhibiting INPrint.

About INPrint

rfotofolio-logo_webINPrint was Rfotofolio’s call for entries that put the focus on the final product of the photographers vision, the photographic print or object, not the jpeg on the screen. A photograph may start with an idea, a click of the shutter, but the art of the photographer cannot be fully appreciated until it is in our physical presence.

Rfotofolio was founded to give photographers access to a larger audience, and to educate the public about all types of photography through our sites, exhibitions, interviews, and articles.

We feel that art can make a difference in the quality of life for many individuals. Who has not been affected by the images we see? From showing the consequences of climate change and pollution, to finding solace in the image of a single flower. Art also serves to remind us that there is beauty in this world.

Rfotofolio supports the work of artists who are struggling to make a living through photography or who are using photography for the social good by awarding the Rfotofolio Grant. Rfotofolio.org

top left image: Andrew Bale
top right image: Bob Cornelis

Karen Hymer
Bob Cornelis
Keith Taylor
C.J. Thompson
Andrew S. Bale
Mariana Bartolomeo
Samantha Vandeman
Lee Bass
Laura Burlton
Melanie Walker
Kent Wisner
Diana Bloomfield
Kimberly Schneider
Norm Snyder
Daniel Kuczynski
Denis Roussel
Mary Aiu
Liese Ricketts
Paul Sisson



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