LamWood Ranch

LamWood Ranch Series

In 1999 Shelley and her husband, Jason, decided to move to the country from the City of Austin, Texas and purchased 10 acres with a house, a barn and 2 ponds. Uniting their last names, Lambert and Wood, and efforts, they began a new life at LamWood Ranch (LWR). She returned to her upbringing working with a variety of animals including horses, sheep and pigs – raising one or two at a time. Jason also grew up with animals and wanted to pursue an interest in raising goats.

Simply put the photographs of LWR are about life with land, caring for animals and living in the country.  An ongoing body of work, Shelley is the photographer and together she and Jason (who is instrumental in caring for the ranch) “create” the scene.  Together they are always attacking the work of the day; a barn is falling down, new fencing, coyotes attacking the goats, shearing, and snakes.  But when Shelley looks at these things, her muse appears. The animals, the surroundings, capturing the wonderful essence of day to day life that happens here.  The muse is her connection to the land and all the animals have their own names and distinct faces.

“I want the images of LamWood Ranch to express an emotion, mood or perception that goes beyond the time consuming responsibility of care taking, toward the enchanting existence of animals living as they do. This is my muse” – Shelley Wood

Hand Printed Selenium Split Toned Fiber Prints from Film
11″ x 14″ Edition of 35 $500
16″ x 20″ Edition of 10 $1000
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