Shelley Wood

In the water, boundaries dissolve like bubbles. Lines between being a human or an animal blur – the moment skin (or fur) skims the surface. In comparison, a child’s underwater dog paddle closely resembles the canine’s four-legged swirl, while the cupped hand of a lap swimmer beautifully emulates the dolphin’s fin.

All creatures need water intake to live, but the liquid stuff offers us so much more. A survival tactic and also the ability to play. Kids, dogs, dolphins; each of these creatures thrives on play and playing in the water.  An “other world” experience like no other.

POOLS offers a magical quality for both canines and kids. Both react strongly to this aquatic playground of a gravity free environment, where flying becomes real. Wood’s photos of swimming children capture a variety of reactions. Bliss, shock and everything in between. The animals express their feelings with a bit more subtlety, allowing us to only imagine their unique point of view.

As the American population rapidly migrates from North to South, from long winters to endless Summers, pools take on a greater importance. The mint-blue chlorinated squares dominate our physical landscape and affect our culture.  Learning to swim becomes a sweet necessity. Growing up on the coast of Texas, Shelley Wood spent much of her time in the water either swimming on her own or teaching lessons at her parent’s pool. As her interest in photography, grew she began taking photos of her students as she taught. The end result is POOLS.

all images 11″ x 14″, b/w film hand printed in the dark room
edition of 35, print only $600.00 for current available edition numbers 1-5
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